Facebook ID verification is a wonderful tool for most people to register with the Esusu platform in a smooth and seamless manner. 

Unfortunately it will not work for you if your Facebook name does not match with your legal name and the name on the bank account that you will be connecting to the Esusu platform. 

If you encounter problems in the registration process after trying to use your Facebook profile, you can take a picture of your government ID (Drivers License or Passport) and upload it to our secure servers here.

Follow the guidelines below for successful ID Verification: 

  • Ensure the image is steady 

  • ID must occupy most of image

  • ID and text must be aligned properly

  • The background must be plain 

  • Four edges of the ID must be visible 

  • Good natural lighting (average pixel intensity ~150)

  • No flash

  • The name, address & DOB must match those provided to us through registration

  • The image should be in full color (no black and white images accepted)

  • All file formats are accepted 

Once you upload your document our team is notified immediately and we will get to work verifying your identity. We will confirm via email within 72 hours when this process is completed.

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