Traditional rotational savings clubs (i.e. susus, chitfunds, kittys, tandas, etc.) all have one thing in common: a strong community component. The bedrock of this informal savings mechanism is a deep sense of community rooted in the mindset of "we are all in this together". 

When building the Esusu app we knew we needed to find a way to cultivate that same sense of community and togetherness. Enter: Esusu Chat. This core feature allows a user to communicate with any Esusu groups they are a part of, or directly message specific members of their group. This feature can be accessed through the "Messages" icon on the bottom right. See the screenshots below for more details:

Message Icon

Group Messages

Individual Messages

Inside An Esusu Chat

Some additional notes:

  • Unread messages will be in bold so you can quickly see what messages you need to respond to.

  • If you enable push notifications you will receive notifications every-time you receive a message from a group member.

  • Our messaging functionality does not allow for pictures or gifs at present. 

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