The very core of the Esusu product revolves around the ability to create and manage groups or individual savings. This article provides an overview of the process to get your group set up. The other articles in this section will deep dive on specific features and settings you can adjust. 

The steps to creating a group are: 

(1) Clicking on the 'groups' tab on the bottom menu of the app

(2) Click on the '+' icon on the upper right of the groups tab

(3) Click on “Saving with a group”

(4) Choose your savings objective/group name by selecting from our favorites like “Building Credit” or “Rainy day fund” among others.  

Alternatively, create a fun or relevant group name and write your own group description. Remember that the more tailored the name, the better it will serves as a strong reminder as to why you are forming this group. Often we find that group descriptions that are outcomes oriented resonate the most with group members. 

(5) Enter a referral code (if you have one). This is primarily for Esusu users who come through a partner organization of ours.  

(6) Choose an amount to save. Most of our groups range from $25 to $200 per person per cycle.

(7) Choose a payment frequency. Most groups will select once or twice monthly.

(8) Choose a start date. Remember the first payout is one time period after your start date. Thus if you select a start date of May 1st on a monthly cadence, the first group payout will be June 1st. Please remember that after a start date occurs, a group cannot be deleted or edited.

(9) Read through and accept our terms and conditions.

Your next step is to invite people to join your group, which we cover in a separate support article. For more information, please watch the full walk-through video on our YouTube channel below: 

One key note is that all your group settings are editable until the group start date. Thus, if your group starts on May 1st you can edit the payment amount, frequency, schedule, etc. until April 30th.

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