The Esusu profile is the least used of Esusu's core features but none the less plays an important role in conveying relevant information to members of our ecosystem and managing your application settings. 

You can access the account profile by clicking on the "Profile" tab on the bottom menu. From there you should see a general profile page that looks like this, which can allow you access the Help Center as seen below:

Help Center

Account Notifications

This page lets you know of any pending items to complete and any other key notifications.

Account Information

This "Account Information" page hosts the majority of your basic personal information. You are able to view your details, which will be used for credit reporting. Any incremental edit request should be sent to our support email ([email protected])


To take a look at your payment settings click the "Payment" button on the account profile page. As a reminder, you can only connect two bank accounts to the Esusu platform at a time. To add a different bank account if you already have two linked, delete one of your banks and add the new one.

Get Support

An important part of your profile page is "Get Support". This is essential to ensure you have all the resources necessary to meet your goals including Esusu contact information, Link to FAQ, Product video, Terms of use and Privacy Policy.

Profile Picture Update

Click on the image beside your first name to either take a photo or upload from your library. It makes the experience much more fun! Upload that cute selfie soon!


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