Most groups on the platform follow a very specific payout order to serve the needs of each member of the group. The only person who is privy to the individual needs of each group member is the group leader, so we've made it easy for the group leader to adjust the payout order before the group officially starts

The steps to changing your group order are as follows: 

(1) Click on the 'Groups' tab on the bottom menu.

(2) Click on the 'Pending' group you would like to change the order for. As a note the group order can only be adjusted while the group is in pending status. 

(3) Click on the 'gear' icon on the upper right-hand corner. See screenshot below: 

(4) Click on the 'Schedule' tab in the middle-menu.

(5) Click on the 'Payout Order' option at the bottom of the 'Schedule' Tab to view and edit the order.

(6) Once you are in the 'Change Payout Order' screen you can adjust the order by dragging and dropping. Press down on the person who you want to move and when their icon pops up you can drag it up or down to adjust the payout order. 

(7) Don't forget to click save at the bottom of the page to lock in your adjustments. After that the new group payout order should be reflected on the main page of the group.

As a note: You can reorder the group as many times as you would like before it starts. Once the group is active you can no longer change the order. 

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