This feature is not relevant for everyone, but occasionally members of a community would like someone to manage a particular group who does not want to participate in the actually group pool. In this case, the group leaders participation is critical as they are the individual that everyone else trusts but they need a way to manage without a payment obligation. 

The Observer Feature allows a group creator to opt out of participating in the savings cycle while managing the group invitation and parameter setting process. The observer feature can be opted into and out as many times as a group leader would like before the group starts. Once the group is active the group leader must remain either an active participant or observer. This article walks through the steps for activating the observer feature. 

The steps to toggle the observer feature are: 

(1) Click on the 'groups' tab on the bottom menu.

(2) Click on the 'pending' group indicated by the yellow identifier that you would like to become an observer for. 

(3) Click on the 'gear' icon on the upper right-hand corner. See screenshot below: 

(4) Click on the 'Make Yourself Observer' Toggle Switch

(5) Once you click on the toggle button you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm whether or not you want to be an observer. Once you click 'yes' you should be all set. The process for becoming an active member of the group again is the exact same. See screenshot below:

As a note: You can toggle your observer status as many times as you would like before your savings group officially starts. Once the group is active you can no longer switch between the two options. 

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