Once you have an active group operating on the Esusu platform it is imperative that on-time payments are made because group members anticipating payments will often plan major life events around receiving their payouts.

We have implemented an auto-pay feature that automatically deducts the required payment for each user in a group 7 days before the scheduled payout day. This is done to ensure ample processing time regardless of the day of the week as bank-to-bank ACH does not process over the weekend.

While the auto-withdraw is in place, users still have the option to make manual payments ahead of the auto-pay date which will override the auto-pay for that cycle. The benefit to this is if you understand your cash flow and there is a point in the cycle where you have more capital to deploy you can pay into the Esusu App at that time. 

Here are the steps to making a manual payment into the app:

(1) Click on the 'Groups' tab on the bottom menu.

(2) Click the group you would like to pay into. The active groups will have a green indicator on the side, as seen below: 

(3) Scroll to the bottom of the group main page and click on 'make payment'. See Screenshot:

(4) Read the terms and click on the 'Accept Terms' toggle to indicate your agreement. See screenshot:

(5) Once you click the toggle button you will be able to click the 'Make Payment' button to confirm the transaction.

(6) The app will bring you to a receipt page that will be stored on the app for your records. See screenshot:  

(7) The 'Payment Status' field will change over time as the payment processes and is fully executed. You can check on payment status or review any of your receipts from the 'My Payments to the Group' option on the group main-page.  

As a note, it takes some time from when you click 'make payment' for the payment to be processed and recorded due to bank processing times. If you're payment reflects processing for a few days it is not something to be concerned about. If there is an issue with your payment the Esusu team will reach out to you via email.

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