Once you start making payments into the Esusu app you may want to add another bank account or change the primary account based on how you manage your personal finances. 

We have made this process very easy and straight-forward: 

1. Go to your Esusu Account Profile

2. Click "Payment" in the account menu

3. Click the green "Add Payment Method" below the current linked bank account information

4. Select Bank Link method either manually or find your bank

Method 1: Link my bank manually

Follow the steps here

Method 2: Find my bank

a)Click "Continue" on the Plaid interface

b)Select or search for your bank in the Plaid interface. If bank is not listed, click here

c)Log into your account using the security protocols in place

5. You've added your bank. Now you can choose to remove a bank or set it as your primary account (where withdrawals are taken from) by clicking the arrow on the right hand side of the bank listing

6. Choose the "Set As Default" option

The "Default" indicator should be displayed under the linked bank information once selected

You're all set! 

If you want to remove an account you simply click the arrow on the right hand side of your bank and click "Remove Payment Method". You can only do this if the account is not your primary account. You can add and remove accounts as many times as you would like as long as there is at least one bank account affiliated with your Esusu account. 

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