The very core of the Esusu product revolves around the ability to create and manage groups or individual savings. This article provides an overview of the process to get your individual savings goal set up. The other articles in this section will deep dive on specific features and settings you can adjust. 

The steps to creating an individual savings goal are:

(1) Click on the “Savings” tab on the bottom menu on the app 

(2) Click on the “+” icon on the upper right of the groups tab 

(3) Click on “Saving by Myself” 

(4) Choose your savings objective/goal name by selecting from our favorites like “Building Credit” or “Rainy day fund” among others.

Alternatively, create a fun/relevant goal name and description yourself. Remember that the more tailored the name the better, as it serves as a strong reminder as to why you are forming this goal. 

(5) Enter a referral code (if you have one). This is primarily for Esusu users who come through a partner organization of ours.  

(6) Choose the savings goal you want to accomplish. Most of our individual savings range from $300 to $1200 per person.

(7) Select a payment timeline with a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 24 months. See the screenshot below:

(8) Choose a payment frequency. Most individuals will select once or twice monthly.

(9) Choose a start date. Remember that after the start date, your savings goal cannot be deleted or edited. 

(10) Read through and accept our terms and conditions. 

That's it! Your savings plan has now been created.

For additional insights watch the walk through video on our YouTube channel below:

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