Once you have an active individual savings account, it is imperative that you make on-time deposits into it to ensure a seamless savings experience. 

We have implemented an auto-pay feature which automatically deducts the required deposit on the goal payment due/pay in date. This is done to ensure ample processing time regardless of the day of the week, since bank-to-bank ACH does not process over weekends.

App users do not have the option of making manual payments ahead of the auto-pay date. Once a fund transfer has been processed, users will be able to see a record of the transaction within their Esusu app.  

You can check on payment status or review any of your transaction receipts by clicking on the "My Payments" option on the goal main-page. 

If there is an issue with your payment you can reach out to the Esusu team                 ([email protected]) or we will reach out to you via email. 

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