Esusu has a feature that can allow a group leader to restore an existing group after the goal cycles have been completed. The steps to restore the group goal includes: 

(1) Discuss with Group Leader and Members 

As a group leader: Discuss with members to understand those that would like to continue with saving. You can still restore the group without saving with them by using our observer feature - here.
As a group member: Discuss with group leader to express interest or refuse restarting with current group members 

(2) Once the decision has been made, the group leader can restore the group by clicking the "Restore Group" button
Open the savings goal & scroll to the end of the page as seen below: 

Click the green "Restore Group" button. 

(3) Select the new group start date and confirm to complete. Then, click "Restore Group" to have your group good as new 

(4) Additional changes can be made only by the group leader, such as:
Deleting Group Member
Adjusting Payout Order
Becoming an Observer
Changing Amount
Further updating Start date 

The group leader can make all the changes above before the group start date chosen. You can always contact [email protected] for additional questions or concerns.

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