Who is eligible for Stable Home Fund (SHF) rent relief funds?

Anyone who currently rents in the United States and resides in any of the properties Esusu works with. Regardless of your immigration status, you will be eligible for rent relief if you have been adversely affected by COVID-19 or are experiencing financial hardship.

Why did SHF change its application process?

Using an automated platform allows SHF to scale its rent relief resources to more renters nationwide. Likewise, it provides a more seamless process for applicants and property managers alike.

How do I reset my password if I am locked out?

Visit SHF's Rent Relief platform powered by Turnkey and select "forgot your password" on the login screen. When prompted, follow the instructions to complete the password reset.

What are the accepted payment methods, and can I change the payment method or set up automatic recurring payment?

The preferred payment method is ACH. This allows for automatic repayments to be enabled. Once approved and verified, applicants can also utilize debit cards to make repayment.

Is the platform available in more than one language?

Yes, SHF's Rent Relief platform is available in six languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Ukrainian, Mandarin, and Indonesian).

How can I access my account if I want to review my rent relief status?

Visit Esusu's platform via our Rent Relief page on the Esusurent.com website and log in.

Do you report rent relief repayments to the credit bureaus?

No, Esusu only reports rent payments to the credit bureaus.

What does the word "term" mean in the application?

“Terms” refers to the terms and conditions involved when taking out an Esusu 0% rent relief. This mainly refers to the length of the rent relief (in months).

What do I do if I do not have or remember my referral code? Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply without a code but you may also contact your property manager to get the referral code.

Do I have to be employed to qualify for rent relief?

No, you do not have to be employed to access rent relief. The rent relief is for anyone who currently resides and rents a home in the United States that has been adversely affected by COVID-19 or is experiencing financial hardship.

Is a photo ID required?

Although a photo ID is not required to apply, you do have the option to upload a photo. If uploading a photo, ensure that it is a clear and recent photo where you are facing forward.

How do I make sure that I am entering the correct referral code?

If the referral code is correct, it will pop up on the platform. Please make sure you enter the full referral code. If you still don't see your referral code, please reach out to your property manager.

Do I receive an email alert to confirm that my application is complete?

Yes, you will receive an email alert when your application is complete. You will also be able to view the status of the application when you log in to your account.

Are there any interest, rent relief origination, or early repayment fees?

No, there is no interest, rent relief origination, or early repayment fees included in the Stable Home Fund.

Can applicants receive rent relief more than once?

After an applicant has repaid all previous rent relief from the Stable Home Fund, they are eligible to reapply.

What if there is a glitch or issue with the website?

Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Is SSN or TaxID required?

All applicants must enter either an SSN or a Tax ID to complete the application.

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