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Rent Relief Platform - Property Manager FAQs
Rent Relief Platform - Property Manager FAQs
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How do I obtain login credentials?

If you are a property operator enrolled in Rent reporting, and have not yet received login credentials to view and verify Rent Relief Fund applications, please contact [email protected].

How can I confirm that an applicant for the loan resides at my property?

Click “assign the loan” and review the resident's details on the screen to to verify that they reside in the property.

How can I confirm that a member of the Esusu team reviews the application?

Click “send for review”.

If I cancel a loan, will it still be reviewed by the Esusu team?

If you cancel a loan, it will no longer be reviewed by the Esusu team. An email will be automatically sent to the applicant indicating that the loan was canceled. If you have canceled a loan in error, please immediately contact [email protected].

How can I view the history of all loan applications that have been submitted under my property?

Click “export” on the top left of your screen, and an excel spreadsheet of all loans that have been submitted under your property will be generated.

How will I know when an application is approved?

Once an application has been approved by the Esusu team, the application status in the portal will change to “approved”. Property Managers must check the portal weekly to review any approved applications and alert the residents.

If a property manager (PM) views an application from a resident of their property but notices that some of the information is incorrect on the application, how should the PM proceed?

If a PM verifies that an applicant resides at their property, but notices some other errors on the application, the PM should send the application for review and provide notes of the errors that need to be corrected. The Esusu team can make tweaks to correct the errors, if possible, or follow up with the applicant to obtain the correct information.

When does an applicant need to add their repayment bank details? Do bank details have to be added for funding?

Yes, repayment bank details are necessary before Esusu can approve the loan and disburse the funds. Residents can add their bank details at any time during the application or when prompted by Esusu.

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